How to Choose the Perfect Hair Extension Length?

When purchasing hair extensions it can be difficult to decide what length to go for so here’s a definitive guide on choosing the right length for you!

It’s important to get the length of your hair extensions just right. You want to have luscious long locks but at the same time you want your dreamy hair to look natural and to blend well with your own hair.

Having 8 inches of hair will guarantee any length will blend perfectly.

Our most popular and versatile length is 20-22 inches.  Depending on your height and frame for most people they would come between bust and mid to lower back level.

The best way of checking which length hair extension will be most suitable for you is to measure from the middle of your ear downwards using a tape measure. This will show you roughly where the hair extensions will fall on you and also give you an idea of how much longer the hair extensions will be compared to your own hair.

We recommend choosing extensions which are not too much longer than your own hair. Although it’s still OK to wear long extensions in short hair, hair that is more subtly extended and blended with hair extensions tends to look more natural.

As a rule of thumb, hair which is already longer than shoulder length can take the longer extensions and hair which is shoulder length and above tends to work best with extensions no longer than 20-22 inches. So to avoid a hair extension mishap it’s best to be realistic with your length choice and you’ll have amazing length and volume!

Follow these guidelines and you’ll have gorgeous length and volume in no time at all!