Why do my Hair Extensions Itch?

Why are my hair extensions itchy? Some may even call it the weave itch.  You are probably here because you are asking this question and we have some reasons why this might be.  There are a few reasons for this.


Scalp Sensitivity

You may have a sensitive scalp, you may naturally take slightly longer than someone with a less sensitive scalp to adjust to a new set of hair extensions.

Hair extensions will add weight to your scalp, so for the first few days your scalp may go into overdrive trying to cope with the sudden change in normality.

A very common side effect of this is for your scalp to itch however, this should only be mild and last a few days whilst your scalp gets used to the change.

Most individuals find that within a matter of days their scalp has returned to its usual state, and the itchiness stops.


Scalp is Adjusting to the Extensions.

Remember, you’ve just added more hair to your scalp and your head needs time to adjust. Your scalp is used to producing a certain amount of oil to nourish itself, and now that you’ve added a lot more hair, it needs time to find the right balance again. This usually happens somewhere between week two and three, so don’t worry; it will go away. What you can do in the meantime to reduce the itch, is to use a dry-scalp shampoo. The good thing about this is it only happens to extension newbies.


Maybe Allergic

It’s not common but you could be having an allergic reaction.  The allergy would be most liking be to the bead which are nickel or cupronickel, or keratin, or string or other used to attach the hair rather then the hair itself.

If you are experiencing to much discomfort with your hair extensions, you should reach out to your hair extension technician or salon who will have the expertise and experience to identify the cause and find a solution for you.


Aftercare Routine

If you are experiencing an itchy scalp longer then the first few days.  The cause of your itchiness may not be a sensitive scalp, but an issue with your aftercare routine.

After care is important and shampoo is a lot trickier to completely clear away from the scalp and bonds when wearing hair extensions in comparison to those not wearing hair extensions.  The itchiness is caused by shampoo not being rinsed away from the bonds correctly, resulting in the residue sitting and drying to the scalp.

Just make sure you completely rince out all your shampooing and conditioner on your roots.

Also product buildup on your scalp and extensions. This can be easily corrected with a good shampoo and rinse. When you’re washing your hair extensions you are not supposed to vigorously scrub them, rather, gently massage shampoo (using your fingertips) between all the extensions and on to your scalp, making sure to rinse your hair very well.


Due for Maintenance

If you’ve been wearing your extensions for some time and they are starting to grow out, you may notice your head getting a little itchier. This is caused by a couple things. Firstly; when you’re wearing extensions, all the hair that you would naturally shed is caught in the bond or bead that is holding the extension in your hair. A buildup of these shed hairs can cause slight irritation to your scalp. The second reason is that when the extensions grow out they are hanging more which causes increased stress on your scalp. Time to schedule a maintenance appointment with your favorite stylist.


Still REALLY Itchy

If your hair extensions are causing you a high level of discomfort and pain, and are brand new, your hair extensions may have been fitted too tightly.

This is a fairly common issue, as without the correct training and experience bonds can be applied too close to the scalp which will put a lot of pressure on your hair, causing discomfort and pain.

It is important to point out here that just because your hair extensions are hurting, it does not necessarily mean they have been fitted incorrectly or unprofessionally, it may just mean for your own personal comfort you require certain adjustments to be made.

This is easily solved by contacting your hair extension technician to discuss the issues you are experiencing and to find the correct solution for you.